¾” BSW Safebolt Assembly — an important safety feature suitable for use on all standard manlid assemblies. Use of a safebolt assembly enables the controlled release of any residual tank pressure by breaking the seal between the lid and neck whilst retaining the manlid cover, thus eliminating any possibility of operator injury. When operating a manlid assembly fitted with a safebolt, it is important to secure the safebolt first when closing the manlid and release the safebolt last when opening the lid. Simple to operate and may easily be retro-fit.


¾” BSW eyebolt with 16mm eye, pivot pin, retaining collar and captivated safety handnut. Manufactured in stainless steel. (Fits to existing bracketry) For the full range of swingbolt lengths, please refer to Swingbolt Assembly Components data sheet, MAN018. — stainless steel low profile handnut (pictured), stainless steel low profile handnut with brass thread insert, extended stainless steel handnut with brass thread insert.