The pressure-tight cap may be used as a secondary or
tertiary closure and is designed to safely release any
build-up of pressure from the tank unit. It is firesafe
designed and seals metal to metal when locked on to the
tank unit. In addition, the sealing plate O ring ensures a
gas-tight and liquid-tight seal. (**exception applies, see
The cap is available to suit 70mm, 105mm, 119mm and
164mm units and is compatible with the
Fort Vale “Drytyt”,Todo®, Mann-Tek® and Avery Hardoll®
range of tank units. All caps are manufactured in
stainless steel and may be supplied fitted with a range of
seal materials, dependant upon cargo and conditions.
The cap design incorporates a chain point and a TIR or
padlock hole for added security.


70mm, 105mm, 119m only

Static Design Pressure (MAWP) 25.0 Barg (362.5 PSIG)

Hydraulic Test Pressure 37.5 Barg (543.8 PSIG)

164mm only

Static Design Pressure (MAWP) 10.0 Barg (145.0 PSIG)

Hydraulic Test Pressure 16.0 Barg (232.1 PSIG)

Max. Design Temperature 200°C (392°F) Note

Min. Design Temperature -40°C (-40°F) Note

Note : Temperature applies to metal parts only, see seal limitations.

**Please note that the Fortyt O ring is liquid-tight but is not bubble-tight.

Approved to BS EN12516-2 & BS EN14432.