PFA Lined 80mm Full Bore Ball Valve Options — 4 x 18mm holes on a 160mm PCD; outlet flange drilled 4 x 18mm slots equi-spaced on a 146 to 160mm PCD. (3” BSTD to DIN80) Left hand operated with TIR to handle. Valve manufactured in stainless steel with PTFE main seal. All parts in contact with the cargo lined with PFA. — right hand operated version. Range of PFA lined ball valves (See RANGE)


Weight 12.9 Kg

Design Pressure (MAWP) 6.9 Bar (100 PSI)

Test Pressure 10.34 Bar (150 PSI)

Design Temperature Range -40°C to 130°C -40°F to 266°F

Valve complies with EN14432:2006 and RID norms.