Flanged 80mm Super Maxi Relief Valve Options — flanged tank connection with 80mm nominal bore (see below for flange options). Suitable for a pressure range of between 3 — 100 PSI (0.21 — 6.90 bar). Contact parts manufactured in 316 stainless steel. Fitted with PTFE seals as standard. — combined pressure/vacuum version. Alternative seal materials are available. Also available with halar coated springs (0E3/ prefix).


Weight 6 Kg

Design Pressure (MAWP) 112 PSI (7.7 Bar)

Test Pressure 215 PSI (14.8 Bar)

Design Temperature Range -55°C to 200°C

(-67°F to 392°F)

Test certificates supplied as standard. Please see separate data sheets for details on flow rates. Tests may be witnessed and valves individually stamped by an independent inspectorate by arrangement