500mm Quick Release Latch Manlid Assembly

500mm Quick Release Latch Manlid Assembly Options — pressed 6 point fastening cover. 6mm thick x 100mm deep neckring manufactured in SA516 G60 Carbon Steel. Manlid contact parts manufactured in 316L stainless steel. Quick release swingbolts manufactured in 304L stainless steel. Seal supplied separately. Note : Manlid swivels about the axis of one bolt. No hinge. — 100mm, 125mm and 150mm neckrings. Stainless Steel neckrings available. Version with conventional hinge and handle. Available etched with customer logo upon request.

Product Description

Weight 31.3 Kg *See note

Design Pressure (MAWP) 36.3 PSI (2.50 Bar)

Test Pressure 47.1 PSI (3.25 Bar)

Design Temperature -20°C to 150°C

(-4°F to 302°F)

*NB : varies according to specification.