4” 90° Pneumatic Cleanflow Footvalve — inlet flange drilled
8 x 18mm holes equi-spaced on a 210mm PCD (DIN125
PN16); outlet flange drilled 8 x 18mm holes equi-spaced
on a 180mm PCD (DIN100 PN16). Contact parts
manufactured in 316 stainless steel with Fortyt O ring to
main poppet as standard.
Options — manually operated version. Different outlet
flange configurations available. Alternative seal
materials for poppet O ring may be fitted, e.g. high
temperature seal (250°C). Conical poppet available for
solidifying cargoes. Steam heated option. Full range of
30°, 45° and 180° Cleanflow footvalves.


Weight 31.7 Kg *See note
Design Pressure (MAWP) 4 Bar (58 PSI)
Test Pressure 6 Bar (87 PSI)
Design Temperature -40°C to 200°C
(-40°F to 392°F)
* NB Weight and dimensions vary according to valve
To ensure that the tank remains sealed in the event of
an accident, the valve body incorporates a shear
groove designed to fail in such a way as to leave the
internal part of the valve closed and attached to the
Approved to BS EN14433.