3” 45° Uniflow Bottom Discharge Assembly

3” 45° Uniflow Bottom Discharge Assembly Options — comprising 3” 45° Cleanflow footvalve, inlet flange drilled 8 x 14mm holes equi-spaced on a 178mm PCD; footvalve body incorporates integral 3” butterfly valve terminating with 3” BSP spigot and stainless steel blank cap. Unique “CLEAN” position of butterfly valve closure plate allows for in-situ CIP without removal of the valve assembly from the tank. Manufactured in 316 stainless steel with Fortyt main seal to footvalve and PTFE main seal to butterfly valve and cap. — Available with Hastelloy sealing area to Footvalve. 3” 30° Uniflow bottom discharge assembly available.

Product Description

Weight 12 Kg * See note

Design Pressure (MAWP) 4 Bar (58 PSI)

Test Pressure 6 Bar (87 PSI)

Design Temperature -20°C to +200°C

(-4°F to +392°F)

* NB Weight and dimensions vary according to valve specification Design approval by Lloyds Register of Shipping. Approved to BS EN14433. Operating Instructions available — OPIN28. To ensure that the tank remains sealed in the event of an accident, the valve body incorporates a shear groove, designed to fail in such a way as to leave the internal part of the valve closed and attached to the tank body.