2½” BSP Low Profile Super Maxi Mk3 Emergency Relief Valve Options — 2½” BSP male connection with 65mm NB. Suitable for a pressure range of between 5 — 63.8 PSI (0.3 — 4.4 bar) and a vacuum range of between 0 — 24” Hg (0 — 0.81 bar). Contact parts manufactured in 316 stainless steel. Fitted with Fortyt seals as standard. Complete with rubber/PTFE tank seal. — pressure only version. Flanged connection available. A range of alternative seal materials is available.


Weight 2.5 Kg *See Note

Design Temperature 200°C (392°F)

Note : Weight may vary depending upon springs. Type approval by Lloyds Register of Shipping. Test certificates supplied as standard. Please see separate data sheets for details on flow rates. Tests may be witnessed and valves individually stamped by an independent inspectorate by arrangement.