1½” BSP Uniact Relief Valve — 1½” BSP male connection.
Suitable for a vacuum range of between 0.5” — 26” Hg
(-0.02 to -0.9 Bar). Single acting valve — vacuum only.
Contact parts manufactured in 316 stainless steel fitted
with Fortyt seal (FEP encapsulated silicone O ring) as
standard. Complete with stainless steel gauzed cap and
CNAF tank seal.
Options- pressure only version. 1¼” and 2” BSP versions.
Milk fitting version for hygienic applications.Also available
with flanged connection. Viton, Perfluoroelastomer,
EPDM and High Temperature Fortyt O rings available.
Hastelloy valve. PTFE tank seal option.


Weight 0.8 Kg
In-house test certificates confirming valve settings and
serial numbers are supplied as standard.
Visual inspection and service (where necessary) is
recommended on a 6 monthly basis.